The Racing Photographic Service, along with our predecessor company The Image Team by NINE56 Ltd, has worked with a number of major clients over the course of the past decade. Some of these include:

One of Nicholas’ longest serving clients, is one of the largest independent motorsport news websites in Europe. The site covers all aspects of motor racing from Ginetta Juniors in the UK, to Formula One and the World Endurance Championship.

Nicholas has been mainly involved in the TCF Sports Car sub-brand and has served time as a writer covering Britcar, GT Cup and British GT for the site and spent almost a decade trackside, photographing racing for the site.

TCF Off Road is the rally and extreme sports sub-brand. Nicholas has been assigned to shoot rallies for TCF Off Road from club level circuit rallies to Wales Rally GB, the British round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

You can see all of Nicholas’ articles on here is a 24/7 internet radio station dedicated to all things motor racing. Run by Lester Forbes, Nicholas has worked with the service almost since its inception. Now the founder and co-host of one of the station’s most popular shows, the British GT Fans Show, Nicholas has also worked as an expert commentator on GT and Endurance Racing in video content for the site.

ArkAsylum PVP is an organisation hosting servers for the popular MMORPG Ark: Survival Evolved. The Racing Photographic Service has been contracted to build a new website and corporate image for the organisation which is in a phase of accelerated growth.

Paul Davies Photography served as the Yoda to Nicholas’ Luke Skywalker, teaching the basics of Motorpsort Photography to a very new snapper. Since then, the friendship and working relationship has endured and both Paul and Nicholas act when demand requires, as second shooters for each others major projects.

The Synergy Centre was a social enterprise, before social enterprises were even a thing. Nicholas was involved from a very early stage in preparing the corporate image for the company, and providing photography for events at the organisation’s Sheffield base. Unfortunately the organisation closed when rents increased out of proportion and our relationship with this organisation has now ended.

Other previous and current clients of the Racing Photographic Service include:

  • Motors TV
  • Trucking Magazine
  • The Pit Crew Online
  • Dunlop
  • British Automobile Racing Club
  • Dennis Publishing Group
  • Motorsport Vision – Under Accreditation Agreement
  • The Diocese of St Albans
  • Toddington Town Band
  • Restart Signs and Graphics
  • NINE56 Ltd
  • Stormvixen Creative Media Consultancy
  • Morias Place | Moria Cares