Motorsport Photography

Our Motorsport Photography offering is among the best in the business with high quality images provided same day for online, print and social media use. Continue reading to find out how RPS can help promote your brand and its motorsport programme.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The Racing Photographic Service attend race meetings throughout the year, providing images to media outlets and teams. We can handle any photographic requirements you may have from a single car to the entire field or even a specific sponsor.

With over a decade of experience in the field, our photographers are experts in the circuits of the UK and will capture your race from the best angles. We know all the rules of photography, especially how to break them, which produces a distinct and individual style with images unique to you.

No matter what your race event, from club level with a novice cross to world championship competition, we can meet the requirements of the organisers. This includes Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million and we are equipped with fire suits and helmets for pit lane working inline with ACO, FIA and SRO regulations.

No Job Too Big

Unlike many motorsport photographers, our professionals have experience of shooting a wide range of events from Citroen C1s up to division 1 Race Trucks. Truck Racing is a particularly difficult area in which to work as many of the usual angles chosen by photographers are off limits. Our operators regularly visit all the tracks in the UK and specifically shoot from public areas.

This gives us an advantage as we are familiar with where to grab the great action shots while complying with the strictest health and safety regulations in British motorsport.

Despite the constraints, we still provide a quality set of images with a mixture of editorial and artistic styles to suit any media outlet.

Contact us today to arrange your single round or full season package.