Rally Photography

Motorsport UK recently brought in new rules which have pushed the cost of rally photography through the roof. The requirement that photographers obtain a rally safety accreditation has limited the number of available operators and those who are authorised have ramped up the charges.

The Racing Photographic Service doesn’t subscribe to the Motorsport UK safety rules, instead opting to shoot rally events from public areas. This reduces our costs, a saving we then pass on to you.

Involving the Fans

Our rally process includes detailed pre-event preparation and recce to find the best angles and calculate travel times. Rallies are of course held in multiple locations and traffic can be a bear so we aim to shoot service park and at least three stages per photographer over the event. If you want more stages covered, we can arrange additional photographers to give complete service.

Rally is as much about the atmosphere as the on track action so we are sure to capture the fans enjoying the spectacle as much as the drivers on the stage. Our photographers are in-stage upto an hour before the pass which ensures we can capture the best images for you.

Circuit Rallies

Circuit rallies are a different kettle of fish entirely and our extensive knowledge of circuit racing allows us to capture the action from the best angles. As with stage rallies, we work with the crowd to show the full atmosphere of the event.

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